If usage-based invoices are not generated for the current month, the most likely reason is that the Usage Summary records have not been synced in Work 365 yet. Please check the following to identify the root cause for missing data.

  1. Confirm the usage subscription has a markup % added to the markup % field. 
    1. The markup % field must at least have a 0% added at minimum. 
    2. If the markup % were added after the usage subscription was added to the subscription, then the usage data needs to be manually updated to apply the markup %. 
    3. To update the markup % on usage consumption manually:
      1. Complete the following advanced find query:
      2. Hit Edit Columns > Add Columns > Select Markup % > Hit Okay
      3.  Hit Results
      4.  Select all the usage records > Hit Edit > add the % in the Markup % field > hit change
      5. Confirm the Markup % changed in the results. 
      6. If an invoice for this consumption was already generated, it would need to be deleted and regenerated to account for the markup % change. See manually generating invoices for details
  2. Check if the Provider Invoice has synced to Work 365, and the Usage Summary Records are available
    1. If the provider invoice has not synced to Work 365, refer to the documentation on Provider Invoices for guidance. 
    2. If the provider invoice has not synced to Work 365 due to unresolved references, follow this guide on addressing the unresolved references
  3. Check if the Provider Invoice for the current month has been pulled.
    1. If the provider invoice has not been pulled, check if it’s available in the provider's portal. If its not available in the portal itself, it indicates a delay from provider’s end. Please raise a ticket with the provider regarding the same.
  4. Check the dates when the Provider Invoice and the associated Usage Summary records were synced
    1. It’s possible that the data synced after the Invoice date of Billing Contracts due to delay from Provider or unresolved references. In such scenarios, please re-generate the invoices manually for current Billing Cycle. Also, it’s advised to maintain some gap between Invoice date from Provider and Invoice date on Billing Contracts to avoid such situations.
      1. For Example: Billing Contract Invoice date is 5th monthly. Provider Invoice is set for 4th monthly, but has been delayed and does not arrive until 8th. When the invoice was generated by Work 365, the invoice could not calculate against the Provider invoice, so the total shows $0. Recommendations:
        • Manually generate Work 365 invoice after Provider invoice is sent.
        • Create a separate Billing Contract for the usage subscription, and have the start date set to 7 or more days after the Provider invoice is scheduled to be sent. This gives extra room for the automatic Work 365 invoice to calculate costs on the usage subscription.
        • Please refer to this Azure Webinar for demonstration: Azure Subscription Billing Management
  5. Check the Provider Invoice Status
    1. Provider Invoices are imported from Microsoft’s Partner Center through a background job. Provider invoices can also be created manually for any third-party vendors or distributors. Azure Billing needs an Active provider invoice with Usage Summary data for the invoicing job to include the data in the invoice.
      1. Status:
        1. Active:
          • Populating: When the provider invoice is syncing with Work 365, and has not yet reached a final status
          • Active: Found both license and Usage data
        2. Inactive:
          • Error: When the provider invoice has errored out. The reason for the error is outlined under the 'General' tab, for more infromation refer to Work 365 Provider Invoices 
      2. Status Reason: 
        1. Active:
          • Populating: When the provider invoice is syncing with Work 365, and has not yet reached a final status
          • Active: Found both license and Usage data

Once a provider invoice is available by a provider, Work 365 will attempt to sync that provider invoice to Work 365 daily. To receive notifications of when the provider invoice is available, refer to Provider Invoice Email Notifications.