When a customer signs a reseller agreement their customer record will appear as a Customer on the Partner Center. 

Work 365 syncs all customer tenants from Automatic Provider through a daily job. This daily job will identify a new account and create a new Provider Account Record.  Its import to complete the mapping for every new tenant to confirm which Work 365 account/customer record this relates to. Without the mapping the Billing, provisioning will not function. 

It is also possible to Provision a new tenant and customer directly through Work 365.  

In the event that background job synchronizes the Customers – it is still possible to be notified through a workflow or through the Report Scheduler. 

  • if the Automatic Provider was used directly to provision an account and subscriptions. These subscriptions when they sync will not have the right change log status and may show change logs as failed provisioning.
  • if you want to be notified to go ahead create the billing contract and provision subscriptions