Dynamics 365 portals get provisioned with a default Base URL, usually in the form of This article shows how to change the URL of your Dynamics 365 portal instance to one better aligned with your business. (e.g.


Performing this task will require the following:

  • Portal Owner privileges
  • Your preferred URL created as a CNAME record, pointing to, where xyz is your portal specific identifier (e.g.
  • A public SSL certificate that will support your portal’s custom URL (in .pfx format)

Time required

The steps outlined in this task will take approximately 10 minutes.

Additional Notes

After completing the steps outlined in this article, your portal will still continue to work on the old base URL in addition to working on the custom URL that you will configure.


1. Open the Portal Admin page and click on the “Manage SSL certificates” menu. Then click the “+” sign to add a new certificate.

manage SSL Cert

2. Specify the location of the SSL certificate for your custom portal and Click the confirmation button. Note that the SSL certificate needs to be in .pfx format.

Upload a Certificate

3. If the SSL certificate was correct, then you should see the new SSL certificate in the list of certificates.

manage SSL cert 2

4. Click on the “Set up custom domains and SSL” menu and then Click on the “+” icon on the “Hostname Assigned to Portal” grid.

Setup Custom Domains

5. Specify your custom URL and Click the confirmation button. This step will fail if the URL you’re entering does not already point to your portals’ default base URL (as a CNAME record).

manage custom domains

6. Once the domain has been added, click on the “+” sign next on the “SSL Bindings” grid.

Setup custom domains

7. Select your site’s new hostname and the SSL certificate you’ve just uploaded and Click the confirmationbutton. This step binds the newly uploaded SSL to your custom URL.

Add SSL Binding

8. If everything is okay, then you should see the Host Name and SSL Bindings, that was just created.

set up custom domains 2

9. Navigate to the new URL of your portal to test if this all works!

Customer self service portal

10. Congratulations! Your Dynamics 365 Portal is now configured with a custom URL.