After installing and initializing the Work 365 portal solution, the Dynamics portal needs to be restarted once for the Work 365 bits to become fully effective. This article shows how to restart the Dynamics 365 portal.


Performing this task will require the following:

  • Global Administrator privileges

Time required

The steps outlined in this task will take approximately 5 minutes.


  1. Login to the Dynamics 365 Admin center and then click Applications. Select the application corresponding to your Dynamics 365 portal and then under corresponding menu click Manage.

This will open the administration center for the selected Dynamics 365 portal.

  1. On this portal administration center, click on Portal Actions in the left menu. Then click on the Restart Please note that restarting your portal will make it unavailable to use and users with see a Service not found error until the portal restart completes.

The restart procedure usually takes a few minutes.