Notes are equivalent to paper sticky notes which are very useful for storing bits of information related to customers which could be used later. With the release of Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft has completely revamped the Notes section, offering creating, editing & deleting notes right from the social pane.

This has seen an increased adoption of more and more CRM users using notes extensively whether for leads or opportunities or cases. Looking into this increased usage, we have created a special category of the report which will organize / group the notes by each of the entities along with the grouped fields as shown below:

Notes Special Report

Sample use-cases include daily pipeline updates or daily lead updates report which would only display newly added notes with key fields from either opportunity or lead.

To use “Notes special report” feature:

Step 1: Create a System View for Notes entity (eg Notes for Opportunity)

View notes opportunities

Select Columns from Notes entity (Title, Description, Modified On)
Select Columns from Related entity eg. Opportunity (Topic, Potential Customer, Established Closed Date, etc)

Step 2: Create a report scheduler record and select entity as “Notes” and View as the view created in step 1

Step 3: Select checkbox “Notes special report” (This setting is displayed only when “Notes” entity is selected)