1. From EAC, do I go to Protection > Spam filter > and DoubleClick Default?

2. In the PDF for where it outline Phishing Domains, do I include all the North America Phishing Domains under Allowed Sender or Allowed Domain? Also, if I do need to add it to Allowed Sender, should it be entered as (e.g. * or just simply

3. If I should create a new spam filter policy, instead of the default, What should the setting in the drop down be for Spam?

What would the setting be for High confidence spam dropdown?

4. What would i need to include in the yellow highlighted area?

5. Would I need to adjust anything in the below?.

6. Viewing the PDF attached, where in EAC would I include the Platform Assignment Notifications Mail Servers? Wherever I need to include it in EAC, is it best to input the IP rather than the Domain Names?