Admin’s task:

1. Log in to portal

2. Go to Active users

3. On the drop-down button for More, select Multi-factor Authentication Setup

4. Once you’re on the page, select the user that you want to enable the App Password and click the Enable button on the right side. This will prompt you to enable it. Refresh the page after and the user’s Multi-Factor Auth Status should be Enabled now.

User’s task:

1. On the user’s side, let the user log in to his account to

2. Use the original password when logging in and they will prompt to add more information, just hit Next.

3. Update the necessary information.

4. It will send a verification code to the number of the user, enter the code after.

5. Once verified, it will give an app password to the user. This will be the password used in configuring Outlook.

Note: Once you click Done, the App Password will no longer be displayed or retrieved. If the user missed to note or copy the App Password, he can go directly to the Next Step.

Creating App Password again

1. Log in to the portal.

2. Drop down the initials of the account on the upper right corner and select My Account.

3. Click Security & Privacy > Additional Security

4. You should see the option Create and manage app passwords after.

5. This will route you to another page. You will see there the Initial App Password that was automatically generated when you first setup and update your phone number. You can no longer retrieve the password for that, so it is best to Delete the Initial app password and create a new one.

6. Click the Create button and name your App Password that you can immediately remember to identify what password is that for then hit Next.

7. Don’t forget to copy the password before closing the window.

8. The user may now proceed on configuring the Outlook using the email and the App Password that was copied.