Go through the following steps that will help to enable or disable an archive mailbox using Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and PowerShell command. Let us have a look:

1. Enable an Archive Mailbox in Exchange Online

A) Using Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

First, sign in to your Office 365 profile and click on app launcher icon and, then choose Admin.

Go to Admin centers from the bottom navigation of Office 365 admin center, and select Exchange option

Click On Exchange within Admin Center

Under Exchange Admin Center, you can select the Recipients and then, choose Mailboxes. Then, choose a required mailbox that you wish to archive and choose enable option under In-Place Archive.

In Recipients click on Enable In-place archive

Note: Additionally, you can perform bulk archives to select multiple mailboxes. You can use Shift + Ctrl key together in order to select all mailboxes. After this, click on More options from the details panel. Then, choose Enable option under Archive.

B) Using Powershell Command

At first, you must have to connect your Exchange Online with Windows PowerShell. Now, run the following command:

Run Enable Mailbox Identity Command

This example will enable an archive for Dominic Palarchio’s mailbox. Still, if you want to enable all the archive mailboxes in your organization, then run the below cmdlet.

2. Disable Archive Mailboxes in Exchange Online (O365)

A) By using Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

Sign in to your MS Office 365 account and go to app launcher icon and, then press Admin

In the lower-left navigation of Office 365 admin center, select the Admin centers and choose Exchange option

Under an EAC, choose the Recipients and then, Mailboxes. After that, choose a specific mailbox that you need to archive and click on enable option under the In-Place Archive

Note: Besides, you can perform bulk archives choosing multiple mailboxes. You can press Shift and Ctrl keys to select different mailboxes. Then, go to More options in the details panel and click Enable button under Archive.

B) Using Windows PowerShell Cmdlet

You can run the following script once you connect Office 365 organization with PowerShell.

Run Command Disable Mailbox as shown above