Here are a few things to check when subscription license change logs are stuck in an awaiting provisioning state.

1. Is the subscription effective start date and license change log effective date set in the future from the present date? If so, the subscription is set to provision that date in the future.

a. Change the subscription start date to the present day

b. Change the license change log to the present day

c. Change the provisioning stats to Not Applicable then back to Awaiting provisioning to retrigger the provisioning process

2. If the effective dates are not set in the future, retrigger the provisioning process anyway by changing the provisioning status to Not Applicable then back to Awaiting provisioning.

3. Is the subscription an addon to a “Parent Subscription” in Partner Center that would need to be provisioned first in Work 365?

a. Example: Audio Conferencing is an addon to Office 365 Business Premium. Office 365 Business Premium would need to be provisioned first before the Audio Conferencing Addon can be provisioned.

4. Have the credentials for either the CRM service account or the Partner Center integration account expired? Reset them, retrigger the provisioning process explained in step 2.

5. Verify the Connectivity with Partner Center: Work 365 > Providers > Microsoft PartnerCenter > Verify Connectivity button

6. Have you completed the consent framework with Partner Center? Steps detailed in Configuring Microsoft PartnerCenter Provider. Complete the framework once more. If successful then redo step 2.

If these steps do not work please reach out to