In CRM invoices can have two different product types. Real products from published products in the CRM product catalog, and “Write-in” that do not have the product field filled in on the subscription form. Write-in products impact how the invoice looks, and it does not enable integration with Accounting and ERP systems. The best practice is to have the product catalog set up for all products with price list items, and the products filled in on the subscription form.

The reason CRM shows the the item as a write-in product is because the Product is not on the Price List being used. This can happen for legacy products that are no-longer available in the Microsoft CSP Price list. 

If your invoice is showing write-in products follow these steps:

  • Identify the Price List specified on the invoice
  • Add the missing Product and Price List item for the Write-In product into the Price list. You will need to specify default pricing
  • Delete the invoice
  • Regenerate the invoice

Video for troubleshooting - 

Ensure all products are set up in the product catalog and price list items are added.

a. See Configuring the Product Price Lists for details.

b. To create a price list item see Configuring Product Catalog

2. Ensure all subscriptions have the product field filled in with the correct product

a. For multiple data correction: Advanced find > Subscriptions > Product > Does Not Contain Data


NOTE: If you have a product on the Subscription and it appears as Write-In product on the invoice, its probably because the product is not added to the price list you are using in the Billing Contract.