Work 365 suddenly appears to have stopped working and, this error keeps popping up.

Please follow these steps:

1. Go to user account in CRM and confirm the appropriate Work 365 security roles are assigned.

2. Ensure the Work 365 CRM Service Account is enforced with MFA.

3. If the CRM service account password has expired, please reset the password. An expired password can cause the system to stop working, and causes the Work 365 security roles to expire. 

  • Ensure service account password is set to never expire

4. Is the System Admin able to load the Work 365 Configuration Page? Go to Work 365 > Configuration. If the page is unable to load, the service credentials are not working and need to be reset. To rest the service credentials for the service account:

  • Go to Settings > Solutions > Work 365 > Hit the Get Consent button.
  • Complete the consent process for CRM starting from step 2. 
  • After the consent process is successfully completed, go to Work 365 > Configuration to try an reload the page. 

5. Direct CSPs: Go to Work 365 > Providers > Microsoft Partner Center > Verify Connectivity

If these steps do not work please reach out to