Issue :

Column name already belongs to this DataTable


The CRM View configured to be scheduled may probably have duplicate attributes in the FetchXml Query.
In case you find any duplicate values, this may indicate a Microsoft product issue.


Open Advanced Find and select the Entity and View on which the issue occurs and click the ‘Download FetchXML’ button. (refer screenshot below)

Open the downloaded file in a text editor and check for if the fetchxml contains duplicate attributes.

In the sample below, the there are 2 instances of address1_city.


In case of the above a simple workaround would be remove the erroneous column from the view (from within CRM customizations)

If you still need the field on the view, you may need to create a new field and have the new field populated with the value from the old field (this may require development efforts)

Alternatively, one can raise a ticket with Microsoft to identify the cause of the duplicate attribute in FetchXML