While creating a license-based subscription the ‘Quantity’ field might be missing. This applies to partners who have upgraded to 2.5 from an earlier version and is not applicable when installing Work 365 for the first time.

This issue occurs due to a previous Dynamics 365 Business Rule, which has been deactivated in the latest release but may not get deactivated when upgrading.

To manually deactivate the Business Rule,

  1. Go to SettingsCustomizationsCustomize the system – a pop up should open.
  2. Navigate to EntitiesSubscriptionBusiness Rules, under the left menu.
  3. Select the Setup form based on Billing Type, click on the checkbox to select it. On the ribbon click on Deactivate button and a pop up will open, click on Deactivate and the rule will be deactivated.

This would result in the Quantity field showing up on the subscription as a mandatory field.