Current Cycle Consumption Data looks incorrect for Usage based Azure Subscriptions.

Due to a limitation on the number of Usage Detail records that were processed during the daily import job the Current Cycle Consumption fields show . This results in an incorrect ‘Consumption Threshold’ value.

This issue has been rectified and future processing of invoices will be all inclusive.

However, the fix does not address existing uninvoiced Usage Detail records. Manual intervention is required to fix these records. This document details the steps that must be completed to fix the uninvoiced Usage Detail records.

The Usage Detail records from previous and current cycles will need to be associated with an invoice. To set that up, please follow the steps outlined below:

1) Set up a Dummy Invoice and a Dummy Account in Work 365.

2) Go to Advanced Find and fill in the following query:

  • Look For: Usage Details
  • Select: Invoice and Does Not Contain Data

3) Select Edit Columns from the ribbon click on Add Columns.

 4) Look for Invoice and click on the checkbox.

5) Click on Results and it will display all the usage records that contain Usage Details not associated with an invoice. Click on Export Usage Detailsà Static Worksheet, this will export all the data to Excel.

Please Note: If there are more than 100,000 records, only the first 100,000 will be exported.

6) Open the Excel file, there will be an empty Invoice column, enter the name of the Dummy Invoice that was created for all the records. Delete all the other columns.

Please note: Columns A, B and C are hidden and should NOT be deleted or updated in any way.

7) Go to CRM and go to Settings ➤ Advanced Settings ➤Data ManagementImports. Click on Import Data and upload the excel file. Select the configurations shown in the picture below and click on Submit and then close the window.

8) Go back to the Imports and wait for the status reason to change to Completed.

9) Go to the Dummy Invoice that was created and all the usage details will be under the Related tab ➤ Usage Details.