If Azure Usage details are accidently deleted or are somehow missing, they will need to be manually reimported. There is no automatic method to sync Usage Details back to Work 365 without duplicating data that is already in Work 365. However, there is a manual workaround where they can be imported. 

Here are the immediate recommended steps to follow:

  • First determine which months have missing Usage Details for the specific customer via an advanced find. If it appears that there are Usage Details for half a month, unless it is the current billing cycle where the Usage Details have not completely pulled through, any other billing cycle with half the Usage details will need to be deleted. This is because when the following steps are taken, you do not want duplicate data for that half of the month. 
  • Download the usage reconciliation file from the Provider (automatic or manual) for the appropriate month(s) this subscription has missing Usage Details up through the prior month that has been invoiced for Azure consumption. 
  • On the reconciliation file, remove any consumption data that does not belong to this customer's Azure subscription ID. 
  • Remove the Usage summary data for this subscription which is already in Work 365 so that duplicate summary data is not created. 
  • Repeat for as many months as there are missing Usage Details. 
  • Consolidate the Usage details for this specific subscription onto one file which you will import.
  • Import the Usage details. Reference this document on importing usage data.

Then when the next month's usage reconciliation becomes available from the Provider, follow these steps:

  • If the Azure subscription in question were in part of the current billing cycle, the Usage details which are in Work 365 for the current cycle will need to be deleted. Repeat the same advanced find view as above .
  • Delete the existing Usage Details for the current billing cycle in Work 365 specifically for this customer.
  • Download the Usage details reconciliation file for the month where the Provider invoice and usage reconciliation files have become available. Following the same steps above.
  • Import the full Usage Details for this subscription for the billing cycle which just passed.
  • Then moving forward, the system will automatically pull in the details for Usage details.

Reach out to for questions on this process.