When updates from Work 365 aren’t syncing to the portal (or vice versa), the cache needs to be cleared. It is best to enable the automatic clearing of Portal Cache through the following steps:

In CRM, go to Go to Settings ➤ Customizations ➤ Customize the System ➤ and expand ‘Entities’ on the left hand navigation.

Select the required entity. Example: Contacts

On the right hand pane under ‘Data Services’ select ‘Change Tracking.’ Hit Save and Publish Customizations. 

Setting this up will notify the portal to clear the cache when a change is made.


Portal cache can also be cleared manually.

In order to do this, the user MUST be signed into the portal as an administrator. Also, this user must have the Portal Administrator role assigned in oder to see the page below.

  • To check if the 'Administrators' role is assigned, go to the user contact record in CRM > related records > web roles > add the 'Administrators' role if it is not assigned. Note: this is a universal web role which should never be assigned to an end user's contact record. Only internal portal administrators should have this role assigned. 

Go to your portal URL and add this at the end of the base url- /_services/about

Click on Clear Cache.

This will reload the data from Work 365 into the portal. Please note, portal performance might be hindered while the cache is clearing for the data to reload.