The Work 365 App doesn’t appear on the list with the other Apps in Dynamics CRM even with the appropriate Work 365 roles assigned to them- such as Work 365 Sales, Work 365 Admin, Work 365 Customer Service.

This is a configuration setting in the Dynamics tenant and not an issue with the Work 365 App. For the App to appear in Dynamics, manage security roles will have to be updated, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • Sign in as Admin in Dynamics.
  • Go to Settingsà Advanced Settingsà Select My Apps

  • Go to Work 365 App and click on the 3 dots next to it.

  • Select Manage Roles and a window will slide open on the right.

  • Select all the roles that will be able to see the Work 365 app. For instance, Work 365 Admin, Work 365 Sales, Work 365 Customer Service. Save and close it.

  • Sign out as Admin and sign in with a user that has one of the roles selected above and the Work 365 app should appear in Dynamics CRM.

Please Note: The same steps can be followed when using Dynamics 365 on phones and tablets.