When you have multiple price list items in your product catalog, you can provision subscriptions at different sales frequencies. For example, an annual price list item in the product catalog will create an annual license subscription in Work 365. What happens then when you accidently create a monthly subscription that needs to be annual or vice versa? How do you update it?

Here are the steps you would take to update the subscription in Work 365:

  1.  Go to the subscription that was created with the incorrect sales unit.
    1. Delete the unit cost and selling price. 
    2. Change the sales unit on the subscription form to the desired unit. Hit Save.
    3. Both the new cost and selling price should populate (as long as there's a selling price and cost in the system for this unit)

Note that subscription sales units populate the default unit from the product form. Thus, if a product most often is sold on a monthly basis, and not an annual basis, then the default unit on the product form should be monthly. When the subscription is created then for that product, it will populate the monthly sales unit and pricing by default. Then any execptions for annual or quarterly subscriptions, follow the same steps listed above.

Also, keep in mind that when you hit "Save" the system will show you a pop-up asking you to update uninvoiced LCLs (which is applicable most of the time when cleaning data in Work 365), please click on "Yes". However, this option will be populated only when you update Sales Units one by one. If you bulk-edit the sales unit on several subscriptions at the same time, the system won't show the pop-up. This will update the sales unit in the subscription but not in the LCLs, meaning that then a clean-up on the LCL is required or invoices could be inaccurate.