There are a few things to consider with special pricing:

Product side:

When you have a special pricing Sku from a Provider, the best practice would be to create a new product in the catalog with the new Sku ID, and then retiring it later on when it is no longer a valid product.

  • Please note that having a separate product will affect future reporting because the system thinks you are selling two separate products.
  • Also note that the product itself cannot comprehend the Effective to and From dates on a subscription.

Subscription side:

  • On the subscription form under Billing and Provider details, there is a commitment end date. This date is populated automatically by Work 365 when the subscription has an automatic provider. If the subscription has a manual provider, it will not populate the commitment end date. This commitment end date indicates how long the customer is committed to a price for that particular subscription.

    • Existing Subscriptions with a Manual Provider: to add the commitment end date on existing subscriptions with a manual provider, open the license change log history for the subscription and find the first change log with a Create event. This indicates when the sub was first created. Calculate 12 months out, from this change log's effective date, and enter it as the commitment end date on the subscription form.
    • Special pricing subscriptions: Once the commitment end date has arrived, a new subscription for the full price will need to be created.
      • Create a new subscription in Work 365 for the full price Sku.
      • Deactivate the old special pricing Sku. See how to deactivate subscriptions.
    • Trial Subscriptions: A trial subscription commitment end date also indicates when the customer’s trial is over. At this point you would also need to create a new subscription.
      • Create a new subscription in Work 365 for the full price Sku.
      • If this trial subscription has a Manual or Do Nothing Provider, deactivate it manually. See how to deactivate subscriptions.
      • If this trial subscription has an automatic provider like Microsoft Partner Center, the provider will suspend the trial license. This suspension will sync to Work 365 and deactivate the trial subscription.
  • Create a view to make sure you are monitoring the commitment end-dates.

For visual training on this subject watch this short video on managing special pricing and trials in Work 365.