Starting with v2.7 of the Self-Service Portal, end-users now have the capability to create subscriptions directly from the portal. To enable this, the user needs to have either the Work 365 Admin or the Work 365 Subscription Manager web-roles assigned to them. For more details on how to assign the web roles for the portal, please look at this article.

Navigate to ‘Manage Services’à ‘My Subscriptions’. This page populates the Billing Contracts with which the subscriptions are aligned. To view the list of existing subscriptions on this page, hit the arrow on the right-hand side of the Billing Contract. To create a new subscription, click on ‘Add Service’ and the subscription form will appear.


  • Billing Contract- corresponds to the default Billing Contract for this customer. For more information please go to the Billing Contract article.
  • Product- is a mandatory field. Click on the lookup to add the product. The product will be required to have the self-service portal permissions configured, for details go to the Configure Products for the Portal document.
  • Quantity- is a mandatory field and represents the number of units associated with this subscription. The arrow keys can be used to toggle the quantity.
    NOTE- The quantity field cannot be 0 or a negative number. The user cannot deactivate a subscription through the portal. To deactivate the subscription, the user will have to contact their provider.
  • Reference- is the Order ID of the subscription. Auto populates by the subscription once the form is submitted.
  • Ordered By- is a read-only field and corresponds to the user that created this subscription.
  • Source- is a read-only field and represents the place where the subscription was created.
  • Date- is a read-only field and represents the date the subscription was created.

Keep in mind that the behavior will change for an NCE subscription.