Selecting a product from the product catalog while creating new subscriptions will auto-populate certain fields on subscriptions and non-recurring items. The following field will populate information from the product in the catalog:

  • Subscription Name: pulls from the Product Name on the product
  • Friendly Name: Pulls from the Product ID on the product
  • Sales Unit: Pulls from the default unit selected on the product
  • Price List: Pulls from the default price list selected on the price list item and the product
  • Currency: Pulls from the currency listed on the product price list item
  • Product Class: Pulls from Product class on the product
  • Parent Subscription: Pulls and populates the Parent product in a product bundle
  • Selling Price Per Unit: Pulls from the Product price list item. The price list item that is selected will depend on the sales unit selected. 
  • Cost Price Per Unit: Pulls from the Monthly Unit Cost Price on the product form. The cost will be adjusted if the sales unit is annual or quarterly by default.
  • Provider: Pulls from the provider on the product form
  • Part Number: Pulls from the Provider Part Number on the product form.
  • Manufacturer: pulls from the Manufacturer on the product form


When creating a new subscription, ensure

  • The correct price list,
  • Commitment Term/Sales Unit are selected in order for the correct default pricing to be populated.

By default, when a new subscription is created, it will pull the default price list and sales unit/commitment tern which will populate the selling and cost prices.

To change the selected price list and commitment term(for example changing a monthly to an annual term) follow these steps on the customer's Subscription:

Note: the following steps should be taken on a per subscription basis. These steps do not work via a bulk edit.

  • Delete the entered values for the Unit Selling Price and Unit Cost Price fields. 
  • Remove the value selected from the Sales Unit (when changing sales units)
  • Remove the value selected from the Price List (if needed to change the price list)


  • If the price list was removed, search and select the correct price list. 
  • Then in the sales unit field search and select the correct sales unit.
  • The selling and cost prices should enter automatically. A selected Annual or Quarterly sales unit will calculate the Annual or Quarterly cost and selling price of 1 unit.


Note: If the selling price is missing, it is likely due to a price list item with that sales unit not being created for that product in the catalog. To address, create a price list item with the appropriate price list and sales unit, and the correctly calculated unit selling price, for that product. Then follow the previous steps as listed for the subscription to populate the selling price per unit, or manually add the selling price per unit to the subscription form. 

Note: The process listed above applies when creating a new subscription before having save the subscription, as well as after the subscription has been created.