Work 365 Self Service Portal v3.0 or greater supports multi-language. Currently the solution supports English & Spanish languages. We will be adding support for other languages soon.

After installing the ‘Work 365 Self Service Portal’ solution in CRM click on the Work 365 Self-Service Portal solution that was just imported, to open the Solution Window.

Please ensure that the Work 365 Service account has System Administrator role before you click the Initialize Portal. This role can be removed after the portal is initialized. 

Click the Initialize Portal button

This process creates all the necessary records in your CRM Portal entities within CRM to enable the Work 365 navigation on the Portal.
Along with the above the process also takes care of applying the required translations for the Work 365 menus/pages on the Portal in case you have multiple languages enabled for the Portal

The above process works fine if the CRM Portal has the required languages enabled prior to the Work 365 Self Service solution installation.

In case you have enabled any additional language (supported by Work 365 Self Service Portal) after the solution has been installed, you will need to re-initialize the Portal by clicking on the ‘Initialize Portal’ button.

Once initialized you may encounter duplicate Work 365 navigation menus for the newly installed language on the Portal.

(i.e. In case you had enabled Spanish as the Portal language after installing the Work 365 Self-Service Portal)

While switching the language to Spanish on CRM Portal, you may notice 2 menus for ‘Manage my Services’. One in English and the other in Spanish.
(Refer screenshot below)

In such scenarios it will be required to manually deleted the unwanted English navigation menus from the system.

Follow the below instructions for the same:

Open ‘Advanced Find’ in CRM and look for ‘Web Link’ records where the ‘Web Link Set’ equals ‘Primary Navigation’

Note : There would be 1 Primary Navigation’ record for each language you have enabled for the CRM Portal. You will need to select the correct record which is associated to the language which is causing the navigation issue.

In the above scenario, I have selected the ‘Primary Navigation’ record where the language is Spanish.

On the results window select all the records which have the Work 365 navigation menu text in English. These are the ones that are not required. 

Select the ones highlighted in screenshot below and ‘Delete’ the records

This should get rid of the Work 365 English navigation menu.

Clear the Portal cache and try access the Portal again. The duplicate menu should no longer be available and only the Spanish ones should be visible.