In CRM there is a CRM which will enable or disable edit permissions on specific entities in UCI of CRM.

For Example, in classic mode of CRM a user may be able to edit product records with no issues. However, when they go to the product record in UCI, the form shows that it has read only permissions and cannot be edited.

This is probably due to the Read-only in mobile setting being checked for the Product entity.

In order to edit permissions for entities in CRM:

  1. Go to Advanced Settings ➤ Customizations ➤ Customize the System, expand Entities, click Product (no need to expand the product entity, it will just be on that page if you scroll down towards the bottom). 
  2. See if Read-only in mobile is checked. If so, uncheck it.
  3. Then ensure Enable for Mobile Offline is checked.
  4. Save and publish customization.