• The process defined below, is to import a zip package as a single flow
  • You have an Office 365 account which has the “Power Automate” app
  • You have the zip package file of the Power Automate flow.


  • User credentials :
    • Flow Owner: The user under whose credentials the Flow would run, needs to be one whose Office 365 account will not expire.
    • Dynamics 365 User: The user needs to have read access (at least) to Dynamics 365 data.
    • Email user: 'From' email account who will be the sender of the email notification (may be different from the above 2 users)
    • Internal Email group: The group to be notified in case of Provisioning Success or Failure 
  • Environment
    • ​​​​​​​Review and confirmation of the environment  where the Flow needs to be imported into (if there are multiple)

Import Process

  1. From the All apps in your Office 365 Suite, click on Power Automate.
  1. Alternatively login into the Power Automate site (

  1. Click on My flows and then Import.

  1. Click on Upload à Browse to the zip file à Click Open.

  1. On Upload, on the Review package Content, edit existing connections to your own using the Action icon.


  1. Under “Choose your import option “, click on action icon to configure it. Use “Create”, if the Flow to import is not already available under “My Flows”

  1. Now configure all the connections under “Related resource”. Click on action icon àclick Create new


  1. If you do not see the connection to your environment already listed, click on New Connection, else select it and

  1. Search the platform you want to connect to and click + to provide credentials. You will see connections available to you

  1. The saved connection will now be listed in your available connections. Select and complete the connection

  1. This needs to be done for all required connections. Once you configured all the connections, the Import button will be enabled for you. Click on it and complete the import process.