These are the prerequisites before upgrading Work 365 to newer versions. Please note that the upgrade steps MUST be executed as the Work 365 service account or an account with System Administrator privileges in Dynamics 365. This account MUST have a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement license assigned. Here are the steps to upgrading Work 365


The following must be available and configured before the installation process begins.

# Requirement Comments
1 Availability of tenantGlobal Administrator’ credentials with ‘System Administrator’ role in Dynamics 365. The global administrative privileges are required to enable the MFA policies and to give organization-wide consent for the Work 365 app. Users can either log into CRM directly as the Global Administrator to complete the consent, or their user account can be temporarily assigned Global Admin permissions until the consent is completed.
2 User in step 1, should have a Dynamics 365 license assigned. To log into CRM as the Global Administrator, the Global Administrator account must have a license assigned. This license is only required for the upgrade and can be unassigned after the installation has completed.
3 Work 365 Service account should have the ‘Work 365 Service’ role assigned. If you are upgrading from a solution that does not have the ‘Work 365 Service’ role in Dynamics CRM, you can do this after the “Install Work 365” step in the upgrade process.
4 Work 365 Service account should have the ‘Work 365 Admin’ Field Security Profile assigned. Certain privileged fields are secured in Work 365 using a Dynamics 365 Field Security Profile called ‘Work 365 Admin’. Steps detailed here.
5 MFA must be enabled for the Work 365 Service Account Work 365 service account should have MFA enabled.

For 1-Tier (Direct Bill) partners only:

· A separate account in Partner Center (aka Integration Account) should be created.

· A ‘Native App’ in the Partner Center should be available.

The integration account with Partner Center should be assigned an ‘Admin Agent’ role in Partner Center. This account must also be MFA enabled. A Dynamics 365 license for this account is not required. 

More information available at:

7 Enable the English Language in CRM

Work 365 supports multiple languages; in the backend infrastructure English is required. Enabling English as a language in CRM ensures all backend processes can run without issues.

Refer to this Microsoft doc to enable English as a language