On the self service portal, there are times when certain subscriptions are not listed on the portal.

When it comes to bundles in Work 365 where there is a Parent subscription with non-billable child subscriptions and billable addon subscriptions, note that non-billable subscriptions will not be listed on the portal. Only billable subscriptions will be listed on the portal which is why a Parent subscription and any billable addons, or individual billable subscriptions, will be shown on the portal. Read this article on how to set up bundles in Work 365.


Here is an example of a bundle with nonbillable child subscriptions and a billable addon subscription.

As you can see, the non-billable child subscriptions are not visible under this bundle in the portal

The reason child subscriptions are not visible on the portal is because the license quantity of these subscriptions are automatically updated when the parent subscription is updated. Also, from an invoicing perspective, the subscriptions are rolled up to the parent