Effective v3.2 the product service pricing can be displayed in one’s local currency. To update go to the product service and update the currency setting. Once the currency is selected, all applicable products will be updated to display the pricing in this currency.
*Note: Once this currency is selected, this will be the default currency shown moving forward. At any point, to show pricing in a different currency, update this setting.

There are a couple exceptions to products which will be displayed in the selected currency of the product service.

  1. There may be products in the product catalog which have a different currency defined than the currency selected in the product service. These products will still display the product currency from the catalog in the product service regardless of the currency that is selected on the product service.
    1. In this example, USD is selected as the product service currency however the shown product has EUR pricing displayed. This is because this product in the catalog has EUR selected as the default currency.