If the totals of the usage and license summary does not match the total in the header, the system will reject the Provider Invoice from syncing and will give a checksum error. There are a few common reasons for this error:

  1. Additional Tax: For certain countries Microsoft adds additional tax on their invoice.

    This needs to be configured on the Provider page, for the set up please go to this article.
  2. Credit back: Microsoft sometimes provides a credit back which creates a checksum error.

    Please override the tolerance with the value of the credit back and try manually importing the Provider invoice.

  3. G Series invoice:
    1. Checksum errors with the G series provider invoice is sometimes caused due to Market place items or Reserved Instances. This is because Microsoft does not provide the billing information for reserved instances and marketplace items in the daily rated recon file. These items are only included in the summary file. It is suggested to download the monthly summary file from Partner Center for the G invoice, and sort product type by only reserved instances for example look at the total column and sum the total value. If the total value on the excel file for just the reserved instance and marketplace items matches the difference value in this error message then the error has been validated. to address checksum error override the tolerance value and then manually import the Provider Invoice. 
      1. Check mark the box which says override tolerance value in the popup window. Then add a rounded up number from the difference value listed in the error message
      2. In this example the difference value is -1329.7525. To override the tolerance value add the round up number of the difference value as a positive value. Example: 1330
      3. Then hit proceed and the provider invoice will sync.