When trying to generate an invoice if there is a sign in error that comes up, like the following screenshot, this can happen if the user is logged into multiple “Work or School accounts” on a browser and it remembers the login credentials

It is usually an issue with Azure AD that has some conflict with the credentials, and it cannot correctly identify which account to use to redirect to Work 365. The two work arounds are as follows:

  1. The work around for this is to use a fresh browser in private/incognito mode and go to the Dynamics URL, if there are multiple accounts listed as below, click on the three ellipses next to the email id and forget the account.

  2. The second work around is without signing out of the current session, go to the Billing Contracts and click on the Work 365 icon:

    A pop up will appear and if it is a sign in screen, go ahead and enter the credentials and sign in. This will resolve the issue.

Then please go ahead and load the Getting Started and Configuration pages of Work 365, they should now load correctly.