Effective v3.5 of Work 365, discounts on billing contracts can be applied through sales order. This scenario is supported when a new client is being set up for the first time and a billing contract is created through the sales order itself.


Refer to this article for details on Sales Order Provisioning


Sales order with a discount % 

Here is an example sales order where a discount % is added. 


Here is an example of an order where a billing contract has not yet been set up. 



Note the discount % from the sales order has automatically populated on the “create billing contract” page under Discount %. 


When the billing contract is created, this will add the 5% to the discount field on the billing contract. After the contract is created, hit this icon to navigate to the billing contract directly.  




Sales order with a flat rate discount 

Here is an example where a flat rate discount is added to the sales order. 



Note this flat rate discount will create a one-time Non-recurring item as a credit on the invoice.  

When the Billing Contract is created from the sales order, a notification will show up to confirm whether the NRI credit should be created. 

Note that flat rate discounts on sales orders can only create NRIs on new Billing Contracts which are created via the sales order.  



Here is the NRI which is created after the billing contract is created. The NRI will say sales order discount as the name by default; this can be updated if preferred. Note the $2.00 flat rate discount from the sales order has been added as a credit on the NRI. This credit will be deducted on the invoice that is generated. 





Example invoice with the credit NRI.