It is recommended that Work 365 environments leveraging a Work 365 service account with a Dynamics license switch to using the Work 365 Application user as a virtual service account. The main advantage of this approach is that the Work 365 Application user does not require a Dynamics license. This document demonstrates how to setup an Application User for environments where Work 365 is already installed.

*Note: For new environments where Work 365 is not yet installed the Application user will automatically be created via the onboarding app. Follow the instructions here on using the onboarding app to install Work 365 in the new environment. The app id will be available once consent is performed on the Work 365 application.

  Work 365 Data CenterOnboarding App URL
US Data Center
EU Data Center


Performing this task will require the following:

  • System Administrator privileges on Dynamics 365.

Time required

The steps outlined in this task will take approximately 5 minutes.


  • Go to to go to the Microsoft PowerApps admin center.  
  • Click on Environments on the left menu
  • Open the environment which has Work 365 installed. 
  • Click on Settings
  • Expand Users + Permissions
  • Select Application Users
  • Select New App User
  • On the right, select + Add an App
  • Copy the App ID from the table below, and paste it in the search bar to find the Work 365 application user
  • The application user ID varies based on the location of the Work 365 data center. The table below provides the application user id for each Work 365 data center. 
US Data Centere4b1a995-abe3-4350-a61c-65fccd32e8bd
EU Data Center5e56ae97-9be1-40d3-938b-99ea52175a30
  • Click Add 
  • The app user should look like this after it's added


  • Click the ellipses, and select Edit Security Roles
  • Scroll down on the right and select these roles for the user:
    • Work 365 Service
    • Work 365 Portal Service
  • Click Save
  • Go into the Dynamics environment
  • Go to CRM Settings > Security > Users
  • Search for Work 365
  • The application user should be listed with the app ID
  • Select the user and select Manage roles
    • The Work 365 security roles for Work 365 Service and Work 365 Portal Service should be assigned


  • Once the application user is created and the roles are assigned, navigate to the “Admin Hub” of Work 365 and click “Change Service User
  • Select “Application User” from the popup & click the “Proceed” button.
  • Review the message from the operation. A success message is displayed if the operation was successful; if there were errors, appropriate messages are displayed.
  • Click on the option to clear cache using the same drop-down
  • After the cache is cleared, hover the mouse over the person icon. The app ID for the app user should be shown.