The following services are considered billable service requests and may need the purchase of service hours. Your Customer Success manager will provide guidance on how to purchase service hours. 

These services can be delivered through online meetings and remote sessions for troubleshooting and service-related issues.

  • Request to Run a Job:  Work 365 integrates with your provider and completes billing automation tasks through a our application infrastructure that is integrated with your Dynamics tenant. These processes run on a pre-defined frequency to keep your data in sync on your Dynamics instance. We can manually execute these jobs for you in case some data needs to be corrected or a Re-Synchronized. 
  • Data Management(Provider and Subscription):  Subscription Data and License change log data including Statuses. Partner Center and CRM Provider Account Mapping. Subscription Syncs between Partner Center including Incorrect pricing.  
  • Schedule a Consultation: This could involve multiple issues with various scenarios. 
    • Importing Provider Invoices from Partner Center or your Distributor
    • Advanced Billing Scenarios
    • Provisioning and Data Issues
    • Azure Billing Training
    • Product Catalog/Price Lists or Unit Mapping 
    • One-off Training:  You have a new member on the team that needs in-depth training to get them ramped up quickly. We can help with a one-one training session.
    • Configuring Taxes
    • Billing Best Practices
  • Upgrade Assistance and Health Check:  Performing an upgrade to the currently supported version and a 5 point System health check Review 
  • Tenant Migration and Sandbox Setup Check:  Migrating to another CRM Tenant or setting up a new Tenant 
  • Indirect CSPs with Azure Billing: Mapping fields from your provider to enable an import into Work 365. This can be used for purposes of billing consumption services like Azure.  
  • Integrations: Integration Setup with Accounting Systems, Payment Systems or Partner Center
  • Customized Billing Scenarios: Changing Standard Billing Behavior using plugins, forms, or Power Platform 
  • External - Web Branding:
    • Payment Profile Branding
    • Invoice Delivery
  • Dynamics CRM Customizations:
    • Changes To Your Self-Service Portal: Branding and Navigational changes to your customer facing self-service portal 
    • Creating and Modifying Document Templates:  Modifying fields and Creating New Invoice Templates or Renewal Document Templates
    • Additions to fields forms and changes in behavior: Extending the behavior in Work 365
    • Notifications and Workflows:  Updates, Changes and Setup for Workflows and notifications for Change Logs, Invoicing, or Payments- here is an example of what is possible -