In Work 365 it is important to have unit groups and units correctly configured and mapped in the configuration settings of the Admin Hub. How units are set up in CRM drive how the system calculates invoice amounts for subscriptions and non-recurring items. If a unit is not configured or mapped correctly it can cause issues in the invoicing process with Work 365. Review this video for guidance on setting up the units and mapping them in the Admin hub


Note if you are trying to generate an invoice in Work 365 and you are seeing an error message like "Please Provide a Valid Sales unit"


It is recommended to create an advanced find view on license change logs, and edit the view to include additional columns for the fields: Sales Unit, Monthly Unit Selling Price, and Selling Price per unit. 


When hitting the results sort these columns A to Z to see if there are any records where this information is missing. If there is data missing in these columns these could be causing the error message to populate. To resolve if the following are missing:

- Sales Unit: update the record to match the sales unit selected on the subscription. 

- Monthly Unit Selling Price or Selling Price per unit: update to match the selling price per unit on the subscription.


To make it easy to compare the Lcl view with the subscription, modify the view again to include these fields from the subscription. Add columns > Hit the drop down on license change log > select Subscription


Then Add sales unit and selling price per unit to the view.


When viewing the results compare the lcl records which are missing data to the subscription fields sales unit and selling price per unit. Note if you save the view, you can bulk edit this in excel online in CRM, and copy the values over from the subscription to the lcl and save. 


After updating the lcl records, try generating the invoice once more. If the invoice is still failing with the same error message, please reach out to