Work 365 self-Service portal, on the "Manage Users" page it allows users to select web roles that are related to “Work 365”. If the user wishes to display all the other web roles which are available in Dynamics 365, the below changes need to be made.
Note: Upgrading the “Work 365 Self-Service portal” solution will result in overriding all the customizations. The below steps will need to be completed again in order to show all web roles once again. 

1. Create an unmanaged solution called “Work 365 Unmanaged Customizations” (If it does not already exist). If it exists, open that solution.

If the unmanaged solution does not exist, complete the following steps:
Go to Advanced Settings -> Customizations -> Solutions -> New


2. Click on "Save".

3. Go to Components -> Add Existing -> Entity

3. Select Web roles --> Select "Web Roles (Portal)" view --> Finish.

4. Go to Entity -> Views -> double click and open the view.

5. Go to "Edit Filter Criteria"

6. Delete the below filter criteria. --> click Ok. --> "Save and Close" changes.

7. Publish the customizations for Web Role Entity.