Complete the following steps when cloning an instance of Work 365, such as copying a production environment to a sandbox environment.
  1. Copy the license XML from the Work 365 license page in System Settings on the Solution file. (this will be needed later) if you are cloning into an existing target or destination environment. ​
  2. Clone the CRM database (not in Work 365 scope) from a source environment into the destination or target.
  3. Delete records from the “Configuration” entity where the “Name” is​
  1. Work365​
  2. Work365.ApiCredentials​
  3. Work365.DefaultSalesTaxService​
  4. Work365.DefaultTaxService​
  5. Work365.Payments.DefaultPaymentsProcessor​
  6. Work365.Portal.WebsiteUrl​
  7. Work365.ProductService.ProviderSelection​
  8. Work365.ProviderSettings​
  1. Perform consent for Dynamics 365 (this will also run the upgrade process)​
  2. Once the upgrade is completed (confirmation email is received); disable all automatic connectors. It is recommended that the existing connectors are renamed as well, to not cause confusion.​
  3. Recreate automatic connectors as required (Providers, Payment Processors, Accounting connectors, Tax services)​
  4. Setup configuration via Work 365 Admin Hub for the following:​
  1. Work365.DefaultSalesTaxService​
  2. Work365.DefaultTaxService​
  3. Work365.Payments.DefaultPaymentsProcessor​
  4. Work365.Portal.WebsiteUrl​
  5. Work365.ProductService.ProviderSelection​
  6. Work365.ProviderSettings​
  1. Go to the License page for Work 365 and manually update the license with the one