License change logs can fail to provision for various reasons. For examples read Subscriptions show up in the change log as failed provisioning.

What is important is that you receive notifications of these failures so that immediate action can be taken. Thus, here is a workflow to set up that will notify you whenever a license change log fails to provision.

Note: When one license change log fails to provision, it will prevent all future change logs on that subscription from provisioning successfully. That is why immediate action must be taken to address the original change log that failed.

  • Configure the workflow: Work 365 Notify on LCL Provisioning Failure
    • Go to CRM Settings > Processes > Change the view to All Processes > search for Work 365 Notify on LCL Provisioning Failure and open it
    • Hit set properties

    • Add your ‘To’ and ‘From’ notification emails. Please note these emails must be configured to send and receive emails.

    • Save and close the popup
    • Then hit Activate at the top left to activate the workflow.
      • To edit the workflow in the future, hit deactivate and follow the same steps detailed above.