If there are any prior missing billing schedules on the billing contract, and there are active billable license change logs from that time period, the system will not be able to generate a change log invoice. Instead it will generate the Error message: One or more previous billing schedules have not been invoiced. Please generate invoice for earlier schedules and retry.

For an automatic change log invoice run, this message would be provided via the Invoicing Run Report either by email or directly in the application.

Here is an example scenario: The billing contract is missing billing schedules, and there are license change logs from that time period missing the billing schedules. This caused the change log invoice to fail to generate.
There is an active billing contract. The start date shows this is an older billing contract.

Looking at the billing schedules on the contract, based on the effective dates of the schedules, there are no schedules created prior to 4/27/2019. This is because this billing contract was created before billing schedules were created as a feature in Work 365. When the billing schedules feature became available, no prior billing schedules were created as the invoicing process for those schedules had already been completed. This indicates there are missing billing schedules prior to 4/27/2019 which explains half of the error message.

The other half of the error message can be explained by license change logs which are still marked as active from that time period.

This is an example subscription which is part of a bundle and linked to a parent subscription

Note that the parent subscription was invoiced once and then the two other license change logs were manually archived.

When there is a bundle and the parent subscription is invoiced, the license change logs on the parent subscription are updated as archived, but the child subscription license change logs are not updated as archived. These are still active. However, because they are nonbillable and part of a bundle they were not invoiced separately.

These active change logs are what is causing the system to think there are uninvoiced license change logs. However, because there are no active billing schedules for this time period based on the change log effective dates, the system cannot complete the change log invoicing process.
Note that active license change logs for a child subscription under a parent subscription which has already been invoices has been identified as a known issue and a fix is being applied. This is just one example where there could be an active license change log record which uninvoiced and there are missing billing schedules.

To resolve the data issues which resulted in this error message:

  • If the license change logs still need to be invoiced, manually create the billing schedule with the correct dates and in a Pending state. Then manually generate a change log invoice.
  • If the license change logs do not need to be invoiced (as in the above example) then manually archive the license change logs. Then manually generate the change log invoice as needed.
    • See this article to bulk view and edit the license change logs. Note to look for license change logs which are active and have effective dates during which the billing contract is missing billing schedules.
    • To see active license change logs for child subscriptions in bulk go to the Uninvoiced License Change log view. Then hit the Advanced Find. Hit the Details button next to clear. Then change the billable status condition to nonbillable. This will show all the active uninvoiced license change logs for non-billable subscriptions. Archive these change logs as applicable.