In Work 365 it is important to ensure healthy data is in the system for various reasons. One key reason is so the system is able to successfully generate accurate invoices.

Here is a list of items to ensure successful and accurate invoicing:

  1.  Is the Work 365 invoice template selected on the Configuration Settings page.
  2. Configuration Settings: Administration > Configuration > Invoicing
    1. Payment Terms are mapped correctly
    2. Units are mapped correctly
  3. Dashboards: 
    1. Billing Administrator Dashboard:
      1. There are no subscriptions missing data.
      2. There are no active subscriptions under an inactive billing contract
      3. Any Errored or Missed Billing Schedules? Errors for prior billing schedules can indicate if a future invoice may also fail to generate depending on the error message. 
    2. Manager Dashboard: 
      1.  There are no non-recurring items which have failed or are awaiting provisioning. 
      2.  There are no license change logs which have failed or are awaiting provisioning. (Note that NRIs or LCLs with a failed or awaiting provisioning status will not prevent the record from being invoiced. These records will be invoiced regardless of the provisioning status.)
      3.  Any applicable license change log records have been updated to an "Archived" status reason so the LCL record will not be invoiced. 
        1.  Example: change log records from prior periods.
  4. Taxes in Work 365: (if applicable) Taxes are appropriately configured in the system. 
  5. Billing Contracts
    1. All contracts have the correct frequency and discounts.
    2. All contracts have the appropriate start and end date.
    3. All contracts have the correct payment term selected. 
    4. All contracts have the appropriate tax service and tax rate group selected (if applicable)
    5. Auto Send field is enabled as needed.
    6. Auto Sync field is enabled as needed.
    7. Auto Charge field is enabled as needed.
    8. Payment profile is added as needed. 
  6. Subscriptions
    1. When tax is applicable, the Is Taxable setting is set to Yes.
    2. Sales unit is correct (monthly, quarterly, annual).
    3. Selling price per unit is correct.
    4. Azure subscriptions have the appropriate Markup % entered
  7. Provider Invoice - Direct CSPs with Microsoft
    1. Ensure the provider invoice has synced successfully with the usage consumption data available. 


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